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Although most people consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a speculation the cryptos are actually a sound investment for the future. As a store of monetary value, Bitcoin can fluctuate according to public opinion. But, as a technology, a proprietary software, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer blockchain innovation that is revolutionizing the entire financial system.

It is not the temporary monetary value of a cryptocurrency that determines its real value. It is how much Fortune 500 companies will pay for its technology. Already, one cryptocurrency has increased 18,000% when American Express, Santander Bank and MoneyGram bought a 25% interest in its coin. Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies are vigorously competing to provide the technology these Fortune 500 companies need to modernize their vast financial transaction systems.

Hundreds of these cryptocurrencies will rise dramatically in value with extraordinary profits as large companies seek the best proprietary software for privacy, security and speed in their financial transactions.

The charts below show the dramatic investment returns possible in the crypto market.


Providing a serious investment vehicle to take full advantage of the enormous growing interest in cryptocurrencies, the Fund uses state of the art proprietary research capabilities to monitor emerging cryptocurrencies with maximum growth potential and to take an investment stake in those currencies. In addition, the Fund identifies developers of associated blockchain technologies and applications and invests in those.

As the industries of America transition to high speed financial transaction technologies these cryptocurrencies will rise dramatically in price since they are essential to that transition. Bitcoin’s exceptional history is a tribute to that. The price of Bitcoin rose in part because Bitcoin is a store of value. But an additional impetus in the extraordinary price rise was the potential contribution Bitcoin made to facilitating financial transactions, in speed, privacy and security.

Bitcoin in 2010 was 39¢. Seven years later, it hit $17,000. $1,000 invested in Bitcoin in 2010 is worth $30,000,000 today. As astronomical as these profits seem, they are to be expected when a whole financial sector is undergoing a fundamental change in the way transactions in that financial world are done.


Many new cryptocurrencies have proprietary software technologies that allow industries like banking, health care, transportation and food services to streamline their delivery of product, and collection of data, while increasing security and efficiency.

Companies like American Express, MasterCard and Banco Santander have recently purchased partnerships in cryptocurrencies selling less than one dollar. Those currencies could potentially repeat Bitcoin’s success. EBay and Amazon will soon accept Bitcoin for payments. The emerging crypto currencies that can supply the technologies making the purchase of a Starbucks effortless and dependable at an ATM will soar in value and therefore in price.


Identifying these future winners requires years of following technological developments and trends, and familiarity with hundreds of emerging cryptocurrencies. MoneyGram has partnered with a cryptocurrency and Kodak stock price rose recently 300% on the announcement Kodak would soon issue its own crypto currency. Alibaba and now accept bitcoin. With a team of analysts that monitors the cryptocurrencies community on a 24 hour basis, the Fund is positioned to profit substantially in the near future with little downside risk. Since the wave of enthusiasm in cryptocurrencies is still in the early stages, a large number of the emerging cryptocurrencies will do very well. A select number of those will repeat the historic performance of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has now over $160 billion in circulation. This is far greater than the market capitalization of JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks.

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Five years from now ten cryptocurrencies will be household names and more than a trillion dollars in cryptocurrencies will likely be in circulation. Owning cryptocurrencies will become as routine as owning krugerrands, Swiss francs or having a bank accounts in euros are today. It’s just that purchasing cryptocurrencies today is like Swiss francs, krugerrands or Eurodollars before they are put on the market today.

Although there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies now available and although returns as on Bitcoin can be unusually high, these cryptocurrencies are a serious investment for the serious investor.

When in November of 2017, American Express and Banco Santander partnered with one cryptocurrency, it was selling for 20 cents. Overnight it was 27 cents and two months later it hit $3.60. $1000 invested in this coin in November 2017 was worth $18,000 two months later.

Apart for the conventional skepticism, facts are important. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The historic rise of Bitcoin will be repeated with other cryptos now selling for less than $100, some less than $1.00.

Cryptocurrencies are valued not alone for their store of value or medium of exchange features; they are valued for their innovative blockchain technology software capabilities.

Those capabilities will transform the nature of financial and contractual transactions in every major industry over the next few years.

Cryptocurrencies is a vibrant, attractive new industry attracting the largest Fortune 500 companies mostly under the radar.

While commentators are deicing whether cryptos are a fad or an inviting investment, insiders are making millions and billions.

We have the research capabilities to assess the best of over 1300 cryptocurrencies, which banks and other corporation will partner with and use to drive the streamlining of their financial transaction capability. This technology, corporations will have to have in the future.

With the proliferation of hand-held devices and the expansion of internet interactions, the amount of data that must be transmitted, analyzed and processed has increased exponentially. The capacity to process that huge volume of data economically, privately and securely is an enormous challenge.

Cryptocurrencies and their proprietary software enable large corporations to process this data in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

The machine to machine (M2M) economy allows billions of transactions to execute without human supervision, securely and cheaply with the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies.

We use our proprietary capabilities to monitor emerging cryptocurrencies to determine which ones exhibit the most growth potential; we invest in those currencies and their developers.

For investment, contact Mark Singh PA at or call (888) 834-6870